Frequently asked questions

Last updated on April 19, 2015.

If you have questions that are not covered below, please let us know!

Learning Russian

How does Grammatica help me learn Russian?

You can type or copy/paste any Russian text into Grammatica to see detailed information about each word - directly in your text:

  • Where to put the stress (e.g. молоко́ is pronounced ma-la-KO)
  • How the word is inflected by case/number/gender/etc.
  • All inflected forms of words
  • Aspect pairs for verbs
  • Translations into English
  • Pronunciation
  • Related words (synonyms, diminuitive forms, etc.)

Grammatica provides instant examples of how the rules of the Russian grammar applies to words by highlighting words that are grammatically similar.

Grammatica also transliterates your input to help you write in Russian with a Latin keyboard.

Does Grammatica require me to use a specific method for learning or teaching?

No. Grammatica is a reference of the Russian language and a toolbox of useful features for learning and teaching.

Can I load Word documents or PDFs into Grammatica?

Any text that you are able to copy, you can paste into Grammatica.

Can I load a scanned document into Grammatica?

Only if your computer recognized the scanned text as text (not as an image). You can use OCR software such as Finereader and then copy and paste the text into Grammatica.

How many words does Grammatica recognize?

More than 100,000 Russian words. Almost 4,000,000 if counting all inflected forms.

Can you add a word or correct a mistake?

Absolutely. The new online version still does not have a function for flagging words for review, but will very soon.

Subscriptions & free trial

How can I extend my subscription?

You can extend your subscription at any time - before or after it has expired - by making a new purchase with the same e-mail address as last time.

If you want to extend your subscription but with a different e-mail address, please contact us.

Can I share my login with my friends?

No, sorry - your login is personal. Please see our terms of use.

Do you offer discounts to students or individual learners?

Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up) to receive notifications about discounts and campaigns.

If you are an individual learner and Grammatica is outside your budget, you can also send us a message and we will sometimes be able to offer you a reduced price.

Can you extend my free trial?

It is usually not a problem - please send us a message!


Does Grammatica work on my Mac / iPad / Android / Smartphone / Kindle?

Grammatica runs on almost any device with a web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome if this is an option for you.

Do I need to be online to use Grammatica?


I don't see any stress marks when I print a Grammatica document

When the print dialog pops up, please enable printing background images (we are working on displaying stress marks differently so this will not be necessary).

I got an error while using Grammatica

We are doing our best to make Grammatica work equally well on all platforms, devices, and web browsers. However, it is not always possible for us to test all combinations of these, and sometimes the differences between systems will lead to a bug.

We use Google Chrome as our primary platform for development. If possible, please try to use Grammatica with Chrome.

We do, however, appreciate if you will take the time to let us know what the problem is, in order to fix it. When reporting a bug, please try to be as specific as possible about what failed and what operating system, device and browser you are using.

Do you offer an API to make plugins for Grammatica or for using Grammatica's data in my own app?

At the moment, sorry, no. But let us know about your idea, and maybe we can work something out!

Do you plan to do versions of Grammatica for other languages than Russian?

Not at the moment.

Grammatica for Windows

What happened to the Windows version?

The Windows version is currently not available to new customers. Existing customers can still use it. If you need to download the Windows version to install it again, please click here. If you need to reset your license because you are installing Grammatica on a new computer, please contact us.

The Windows version will come back, but in another form. To stay updated on the progress, please subscribe to our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up), or follow us on Facebook.