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Grammatica is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Payments are securely processed by ePay.

Questions & Answers

Are subscriptions automatically renewed?

No. It is a one time purchase, but we will warn you by e-mail before your subscription runs out!

Remaining trial time

When you upgrade to a paid subscription, any remaining free trial time will be added to the new subscription.

How can I renew my subscription?

You can extend or renew your subscription at any time.

Use the same e-mail address as for your current subscription, then any remaining time will be added to the new one.

What happens to my data when my subscription ends?

You can save your documents as PDF files at any time.

Unless you ask us to, our servers keep backups of your documents. If you renew your subscription at a later time you can continue working with your documents in Grammatica.

Is my personal information safe?

Absolutely. We are based in Denmark with some of the strictest e-commerce rules in the world. We will never share your personal information or data with any 3rd party, and we are not affiliated with any shady marketing companies.

Payments are processed by PCI level 1 certified ePay, and our website is secured with SSL encryption.

For more information please see our privacy policy.

Site licenses

With a site license, anyone at a specific physical location (such as a campus) can use Grammatica freely.

The price of a site license is based on the number of students and teachers who will have access to Grammatica.

Please contact us with any questions!